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This retreat is much more than just attending ayahuasca ceremonies. All of the additional plant medicine treatments work together with the ceremonies to produce the highest possible outcome for health on every level. The complimentary practices not only deepen the healing experienced during the retreat, but also help to form healthy habits to continue after the retreat. 


If you are traveling with a friend, family member, or partner, you can each save $250 by sharing a room.  Rooms contain two beds and en suite bathroom. To receive the discount, simply state on your registration forms that you’ll be sharing a room and provide the name of the other person. The discount will be applied to the remainder due after the deposit.

The itinerary

DAY 0 (Friday 4th) Regardless of what day or time you arrive, you will be met at the Iquitos airport and accompanied to the hotel where all the participants stay the night before the retreat. At 5pm: Attend a meeting to get to know the other participants and discuss the retreat itinerary and details.  

DAY 1 (Saturday 5th) At 10am: Take an air-conditioned bus for one hour to the village of Nina Rumi along the Nanay river. Travel by boat for one hour into the National Reserve. Arrive at the Riosbo Center, get settled, have lunch, and attend a meeting to discuss the upcoming ayahuasca ceremony.

DAY 2 (Sunday 6th) Wake up early to take Sangre de Grado, a purgative that cleanses the digestive system. Have a private consultation with the curandero, translated by the assistants to discuss a personalized treatment plan. Begin taking plant remedies. Take the first vapor bath to remove toxins. Attend a sharing circle.   

DAY 3 (Monday 7th) Morning healing circle  will take place. Continue the plant remedies to increase circulation, decrease inflammation, and boost your immune system. Take a second vapor bath to release physical and emotional toxins. Guided meditation in the evening before the ceremony.

DAY 4 (Tuesday 8th) Plant remedies continue.  Vapor baths continue. Use an inhalant called Mucura to cleanse the sinus system. Sharing circle. Attend a workshop on mapacho and healing techniques used in the ceremony. Personal treatments, if needed, in the afternoon.  

DAY 5 (Wednesday 9th) Morning healing circle. Plant remedies continue.  Vapor baths continue. Any personal treatments continue, if needed. Enjoy clay baths and swimming in the river.  Rest and relaxation in hammocks. Guided meditation before the ceremony.

DAY 6 (Thrusday 10th) Plant remedies continue. Take the powerful plant medicine Chiric Sanango to cleanse the nervous system. Receive a smoke bath to remove dark and negative energies. Sharing circle. Attend a workshop on icaros, the Shipibo healing songs used in ceremonies.

DAY 7 (Friday 11th) Have one last  bath after breakfast.  Say goodbye to the Mishana community and board the boat at 2pm to head back to Iquitos. Check back into the hotel at around 2pm – take showers, check emails, etc. Do some shopping for gifts and enjoy some free time in town.  Say goodbyes and prepare for your next journey…

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