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This organic, unscented, soy wax candle, with beeswax wick, takes the shape of the Earth Goddess.

The Greeks called her Gaia, while the Incas know her as Pachamama and to many others she is simply Mother Earth. She is the first goddess, the primeval one, the creator of all life.

Gaia is the ultimate goddess of raw, maternal power. She is nurturing, creative, exudes love and compassion and allows life to take form around her, and even inside of her.


This candle can be a gift or can help you to set up your intentions to heal the mother wound, inner child, create abundance, connect with the Earth Soul.

Gift ideas:

- To connect and heal the mother wound 

-Gift this Goddess candle to any other Goddess who is pregnant or who wishes to become pregnant.
-Light this candle in honor of someone else during delivery, in order to bless them from afar.
-Perfect for Baby Showers!

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